Month: July 2010

  • Rose Hall Resort Wedding Photography…

    In Montego Bay, Jamaica!!


    When I first met Paul he soon shared that he was engaged, and that they were
    planning a special destination wedding in Jamaica. Of course my instant reaction
    was to tell him how much we’d love to be a part of the experience, and luckily for
    us, they decided that sounded like a good idea!

    Given the distance, they initially expected it to be a small family event. Soon though,
    their friends started sending in their RSVP cards… Many of them checked “yes”!

    With all their friends and family there, It was SUCH a wonderful time. SO much love,
    SO much joy, and SUCH an incredible setting. 

    Our View:

    We were so blessed to get a top floor room at the Rose Hall Hilton; the photo above
    was taken moments after we arrived on Thursday. We were absolutely blown away by
    the beauty that surrounded us! 


    The Ancient Aqueduct:

    (The above is pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve ever shot).



    One of our very favorite things in the world, is that we get to be a part of
    people’s ENTIRE wedding adventure. We make a point to capture more than
    just the ceremony, more than just the same old “boring” photos.


    Of course that can leave a little down time… Which when you’re at a gorgeous
    resort like the Rose Hall, means you get to have some precious relaxation time
    with your gorgeous wife:

    See? :D

    My new favorite sunglasses even got to make an appearance:


    Before long though, it was the wedding day… And the girls were getting ready!


    Tools :)


    EPIC Light.


    The bathroom mirrors had these gorgeous lights that wrapped ALL
    the way around them… If you’re ever selecting a mirror for photography,
    square lights all the way around the edge surely look good ;)



    I was astonished to see how many precious family heirloom
    style details the Bride was able to bring with her, all the way
    to Jamaica… They surely made for some special photos! 



    Manly Men:

    Watching sports no doubt ;)



    One of my favorites:

    The aqueduct REALLY rocks… So obviously, we all had to climb it.
    The next photo was taken moments after my lovely khakis split right
    down the middle… See Paul (the groom) laughing at me?! ;)  

    Back to the Ladies:


    Katie was so entertained as the girls helped lace up her dress,
    I think the “corset” from Pirates of the Caribbean was mentioned
    once or twice ;)  


    As the guests began to file in for the ceremony, the light slowly began
    it’s waning dive into perfect beauty. It was still bright, but the contrast
    it offered became simply gorgeous:



    The elders were on hand with their iPhones to record as much as possible:


    And then, it was happening!


    The Father of the Bride approved :)



    The emotions were amazing, laughter, tears, and smiles abounded… It was beautiful!


    And then, it was official!


    Everyone Cheered :)


    In Jamaica, apparently it’s customary to sign your wedding license DURING the ceremony,
    so before everyone was released, Paul and Katie sat down to sign it. They had
    some trouble though, as they seemed to not be able to take their eyes off
    of each other! 


    The precious flower girl didn’t mind their distraction though, she’d 
    discovered the wonder of the beach!


    The Wedding Party :)  


    We took time for a few group shots, and then whisked Paul and Katie away
    for a few photos of their own:


    The light!


    They so love to play together:





    After our all too brief photo session, the Bride and Groom slipped away for
    a few minutes and I made my way over to the reception site… Just in time
    to capture this: 

    See it LARGER by Clicking Here.


    The party that followed was wonderfully fun, complete with delicious food
    a poolside bar, and rockin’ music. I’ll attach a few photos below, before I end this post!





    So much fun!!
    I’m headed out the door to a meeting now, so I simply must end
    this post (or I feel it may go on forever). If you’re coming across
    this via Google or Bing, I’d LOVE to talk to you about your destination
    wedding photography… We’ve done a lot of it, but every time we travel
    we discover some new, exciting thing :D

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the post… What was your favorite photo?!