January 13, 2011

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    Summer Camp Lovin’


    Heya folks!

    Eric here… The post below was created by my beautiful Bride, Nelle.
    She’s planning to post a bit more often than I have been of late ;)

    I hope you enjoy it… And that you’ll leave her a comment to encourage
    her to continue writing!





    There’s something about a summer romance that’s just so sweet.  Boy meets girl, and they fall in
    love on a series of warm evenings, fireflies flickering and crickets chirping.  This couple met at
    summer camp, but their story has a little twist.


    Rob’s parent’s help to run a Lion’s Camp just outside Lake Wales, so he grew up attending their
    summer programs, and eventually became a counselor.  The Lion’s Camp also employs some foreign
    students as counselors, and a couple summers ago, one of them was a sweet, blue-eyed young lady
    named Jay, from England.


    They spent the summer together, as counselors, of course, but also as friends.  


    When it was time for their September 2010 wedding, it only seemed right that they get married at the Lion’s
    Camp, in the beautiful chapel made of logs, surrounded by  live oaks covered in Spanish moss and resurrection fern. 
    Jay’s family and friends flew over from England to help in their sweet celebration.


    The girls get ready:




    Jay’s hairdresser brother, Kai, did her hair into a fabulous retro beehive, but low-maintanance Jay did her own makeup.  :)




    There was plenty of laughter and sweet moments during the ceremony:





    …and English tradition has all guests throwing petals at the bride and groom as they leave the chapel:




    All the details at the reception were handmade, including mini s’mores kits for every guest!




    The father of the groom gave a very sweet toast to his little girl and her husband:



    Kai was on hand for quick touch-ups:


    And the Bride’s adorable nephew was ready with cubby cheeks that would make even the most solemn guest smile:


    We stole away with the newly married couple for a few quick portraits on the camp grounds, after a quick wardrobe change:



    Orange and pink Converse!






    Back at the reception, the dancing was getting into full swing.  Rob and Jay decided to forgo their traditional 
    “first dance” and go for a boys-against-girls dance-off!



    The bride and groom still took a moment to strut their stuff.  ;)




    Another fun part of the reception was the “Mr. & Mrs. Game.”  Three couples answered “Mr.”  or Mrs.” to questions
    like “Who’s the better driver?”, using ping-pong paddles painted blue on one side, pink on the other.



    We were so happy to be able to be a part of Rob & Jay’s fun and unique wedding day. It’s truly an honor to be 
    included in the festivities at little family weddings like this… Part of why we love what we do so much :D

    I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll be trying to keep up with the blog more often, we have so much to share!


    Talk Soon,


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